Sam Parham

Free Runner
Sam Parham – Parkour / FreeRunning champion and World Record Holder. Award winning Stunt Performer.

Sam Parham is one of the most experienced Le Parkour / FreeRunning athletes in the world. He holds 3 Guinness World Records, has won International Competitions and has been a key pioneer of the sport for over 12 Years.

Sam is also a fully qualified Stunt Performer and holds a Screen Actors Guild Award for ‘Best Stunts’ in the hugely acclaimed Game Of Thrones Series. His many stunt achievements include being part of Tom Cruise’s ‘J Squad’ stunt cast in HollyWood Blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow, and also Lead Stunt member of Warner Bro’s Jungle Book movie.

Sam’s performance skills and experience have now seen him go onto choreograph and design action for countless commercials and online features including the smash hit Pepsi – Unbelievable Game with over 4 Million views online.

Sam is in a league all of his own. He is incredibly professional, incredibly skilled and incredibly versatile. We had some particularly difficult shots in this commercial, all of which Sam helped us shoot safely and effectively without issue.

Petra Condinitis